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A Day In The Life

Sunday 1/23/2011 11:59 a.m. Outdoor temperature 12 below

I just finished making a huge pot of potato chili & cheese soup.
I am also on my 4th beer. I should have a reality cooking show.
If I did, it would go something like this.

First thing this morning while the coffee was brewing I started soaking a pot of red and black beans.
After coffee and a breakfast of home fries, eggs and toast,  I started peeling potatoes.
Last week my neighbor gave me a big bag of potatoes from her garden. Organic and local. They were very dirty and starting to grow eyes but the chore was quick and easy with a paring knife and some cool running  water.

I filled the pot about 3/4 full of large diced potatoes, added some salt and just enough water to cover them. After boiling a bit then simmering a bit more so the taters were sufficiently tender, I removed them from the heat.

Next I pureed them in their own stock. I actually used a masher to break them all up into a soup consistency. And I always leave things chunky, knowing that it will break down more as it cooks or is reheated. To this I added milk and fresh ground black pepper. And this whole mess I poured into my big ass crock pot.

While the potatoes were boiling I had peeled and diced a bunch of onions and fresh garlic.
Then when that the potatoes were out of the way I sauteed the onions and garlic in my wok.
The wok is actually my favorite cooking pan. It's big enough for any size frying project and it's fun to maneuver or flip your food with. I even use it for breakfast.

Mine is a nice non stick version.  Don't think it's just for stir fry!

Next, to the translucently sauteed onions, I added the spices. Oregano, chili powder and cumin. (I didn't have the foresight to have green or jalapeno peppers on hand for this stage of the project. Use em if you got em.)
I let this saute just a couple minutes to marry the flavor before removing from the heat and adding to the potato mixture in the crock pot.
Soup is done. Just add grated cheddar to each portion as you eat it. A dollop of sour cream is a nice addition as well. (This ain't no health food show!)
My original recipe would call for adding the cheese right to the soup at the final stage of preparation but it serves me, the lonely bachelor, better by doing it per portion. It will survive a few reheats better. That, and I just like to grate cheese on my food. It just adds a freshness to leftovers.

Since I had cooked up so much of the onion and garlic mixture, I left some in the pan for my next project.
I returned the wok to the heat and added some ground chuck. This was a spontaneous choice because I knew I was gonna do something with the beef tomorrow and this would save a step. Plus, it's one less time that I have to wash the pan. haha
The beef and onion mixture will go well with the beans that are still soaking.  I'm thinking burritos or chili.

Remember, I am cooking for myself for the whole week. Lunches to take to work and dinners for when I get home at night. My work days consist of coffee and breakfast, then I go to work and it's straight through with no break until get home around 9 p.m.

So what am I gonna eat today now that all the work is done? Probably gonna cook up some burgers and french fries. haha
Somewhere in the middle of the onion cooking session I was also peeling and slicing russets into french fries and have them soaking in the fridge in a tub of water with a bit of vinegar. Those will go in the deep fryer that is set up in my garage. One case of the munchies and I am good to go!

Man can not live on soup alone. I think tomorrow I will make a meatloaf for sandwiches this week. That plan is subject to change. I might feel like Mexican tomorrow. I didn't even know I was making soup today until I started peeling potatoes.
Bone Appetite! Gimme a beer!

Monday...The Follow Up.
That was some kick ass potato soup!
Before it degraded any, I culled off some portions to take to work with me this week. (Then over the course of the day ate about half of the rest of it.)
The cheese burgers and fries went awesome as well.
Nothing like eating out without leaving the house!

I began this morning by returning the heat to the potato soup in crock pot so lunch was underway before I made a waffle and eggs for breakfast. After lunch, the beans and beef mixture turned into a nice chili that I moved to the crock pot after removing the small amount of leftover potato soup. With that chili working on it's own I decided to turn the rest of my raw ground chuck into mini meat loaves. They will be good for quick sandwich fixin this week. I love me a cold meat loaf sandwich! I used a non stick bread pan that makes eight mini loaves.
Now, if I only had my own bread. Hey, waddaya think I wanna spend my entire weekend in the kitchen? haha...well...actually...


Hey Look At Me!

I spent a lot of time yesterday composing a post for this page that gave my views on LiveJournal, BlogSpot, MySpace and FaceBook. After reading it I decided not to post it. In a nutshell, MySpace still sucks, and I left FaceBook but will try to rekindle my self promotions here on my LiveJournal and Blogspot sites. (I wonder if I will read this tomorrow and then delete it?) Stay Tuned!

Kitchen Diary of a Madman

The highlight of every week for me is a weekend of cooking. Now that it's cooler outside I love having food projects going all day. Every weekend is a little different. I don't like to waste, so often, one thing leads to another thing. I often have little idea what the final dish is going to be as I start cooking it. Other times I prep little things for a couple days to be specifically used in a dish.
This will tell you what I did this weekend.

Why I did it;
Well, I like to cook and I need to eat. Most weekends I do cooking that will last me all week. This often includes cooking a whole bag of red potatoes then keeping them in the bottom drawer of the fridge for quick home fries, soup or potato salad. Fresh and ready to eat. This week I also had baked a bunch of russets. Lately I have also been cooking extra amounts of rotisserie chicken. I have some for nibbles all weekend then have meat left for sandwiches for lunches during the week.

What I had in the fridge;
  • 2 leftover rotisserie chicken breast on the bone.
  • 8 or 9 baked potatoes
  • some boiled redskin potatoes
  • onion, celery, and carrots
  • cheddar cheese
What I picked up at the store;
  • Aprox. 4 pounds ground beef
  • 2 Doz. whole chicken wings
  • sour cream
  • T. Marzetti Bleu Cheese Vegetable Dip

How I did it;
Friday night after work I began by removing the breast meat from the bone and set the meat aside. In anticipation of my weekend, which is Sunday-Monday, I started a chicken stock with the bones and smaller scrap pieces of the chicken breasts. For more flavor I also cleaned and added the celery butt and end pieces, as well as an onion cut in half and some salt & pepper.  After cooking long enough to scent the house with that home cooking aroma, I left the whole mess in the pot and stuck it in the fridge. That was my prep work for the night.

Saturday night after work I started soaking a pot of red beans.

Sunday morning I woke up early and ready to kick some food butt. First I started the beans on one burner and the chicken stock on the other.
When the stock pot was warmed up a bit, I separated the bones and meat from the stock and then put the stock back on to almost a boil. In the meantime I added the diced chicken breast meat, some carrots, celery and onion, all diced large. I like my home cooking big and chunky so it doesn't break down so much when reheating a few times. This only needed cooking a short time. I seasoning to taste with some garlic, sage and a wee bit of grated nutmeg. Lastly adding some large diced pre-boiled redskin potatoes. (I wished I had some frozen peas to throw in too, but was I out) I then thickened it with corn starch and water. Quick, translucent and thick.
I was not sure what I was making yet. I just like cooking and working with what I have to use up. Kind of a something from nothing dish. If nothing else it was to be chicken stew for lunches next week.

Next I started the beef cooking in a big pot with a bunch of onions, diced large, and some garlic. By the time this was done, the beans were done as well and had been drained and waiting on the side. I decided to finish the concoction in the crock pot. I have a real big crock pot so I dumped the meat and the beans together adding 1 big can of crushed tomato with basil, and 2 small cans of stewed tomatoes Mexican style. (all natural)  Next a bit of cumin and chili powder, then a stir with my favorite big wooden spoon.  The rest of the cooking and marrying of flavors would happen on their own over the next few hours of slow crock pot cooking.

I won't mention the constant keeping up of dishes. I like a clean kitchen so I wash as I go.
I guess I won't mention the beers that I enjoy as I cook either. It's a cookin' party, after all!

Now the previous projects are all cleaned up and out of the way so I started cutting the baked potatoes in half length ways and scooping the flesh into a bowl. I filled a couple cookie sheets with half shell potato skins anxious to be reunited with it's flesh. I mashed the potato with some sour cream, garlic, salt and pepper. Next I refilled all of the skins with this mix and sprinkled gently with paprika. These I just stuck in the fridge until I needed them in the oven.

First order of business with the wings is to separate the drumettes and the tips. I freeze the tips for a future chicken stock. The rest of the pieces are about to become art. I tossed them in onion powder and garlic powder then layed them out on a broiler pan and cooked them for about a half hour at 350. As I pull them out of the oven, I put in a tray of potatoes. Next I put the wings back in the big bowl, which is miraculously clean again, tossed them in the sauce I made, then baked them another 15 or 20 minutes. The potatoes finished at at about the same time as the wings. I topped them with grated cheddar and served them with a dollop of bleu cheese dip. 
About the sauce...
Chicken wings. I love 'em! Usually the more spicy the better. Today I started with some super hot pepper sauce made by a friend of mine. Seriously, you could dip a toothpick in this stuff, touch it to your tongue and catch on fire. I added some of this to my favorite barbecue sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's. It was a tolerable hot before cooking, meaning a spoonful would make me sweat immediately. But somehow, after cooking it was less than mildly spicy but very sticky sweet. In a word, Awesome! I had gourmet nibble for two days plus.

First thing Monday morning I stuck the chili back in the crock pot and lunch and dinner was working by itself. I had some wings left so when I got the munchies I just stuck them in the oven while I preheated it to cook off the other half of the stuffed bakes.

Then I remembered the chicken stew I made the day before and decided to make a simple pie crust and make pasties. I made enough pie crust for four pies filling each crust with stew and folding it over on itself like a calzone. I then put a small slit in the top of each one and stuck some butter in the slits. Then baked them for about 45 minutes at 350. I put a little pan of hot water in the bottom of the oven to add some moisture. These turned out beautiful. After cooling them completely I wrapped them in newspaper, then baked them to use for my lunches at work this week.
(I use newspaper because I don't buy things like baggies or wax paper. Why should I when they keep sticking this stuff in my mailbox for free?)

What I created;
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Double Stuffed Baked Potatoes
  • Beef & bean Chile
  • Chicken Pasties
  • vegetables and dip

There you have it. A weekend in the kitchen with me.

Bon Appetite! Chez Dande'


Back To the Stacks (or Records Revisited)

Sunday Morning September 12, 2010

How I spent my Sunday morning.
A few years back, when I still had internet, every Sunday I would comment on my friend Mark's intertubular radio extravagonzo. Or more simply put, his Sunday Morning Jazz Plus Show. Catamount Community Radio, on WWCU-FM. Sunday mornings from 10-12 (North Carolina time).
This will be an homage to that. Also, since I just got a new turntable I thought I should break it in all proper like, so from 9 am until 1:00 pm, this is what happened.

Play list
1. Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention (Side 2) Because it was still on the turntable from my last listening session. Includes many fun sound bites from the senate hearings on censorship. Can you spell PMRC?
2. Charlie Parker- 1949 Concert (Side 1, Side 2) At times you can hear someone shouting in the background, causing me to look out my front and back doors to see if I had company.
3. Black Oak Arkansas - 10 Year Overnight Success (Side 1) A random selection found while skimming the shelves for something to grab me.I haven't heard this in years. I always loved the track, When the Band Was Singing "Shakin' All Over".( Even when that guy from the Guess Who sang it.) This album also has some nice vocals from Ruby Star on Television Indecision.
4. Elvis Costello- My Aim Is True (Side 1) I actually caught myself dancing around the kitchen during Sneaky Feelings, and I never tire of Watching the Detectives. It makes me think that I was probably liking reggae before I knew what it was.
5. T. Rex- Ride A White Swan (Side 1, Side 2) Because I can never get enough T. Rex! More mystical than metal, this album was given to me by a British lady I know as part of her personal 'Teen Age Girl in 1970's England'  record collection. She actually gave a whole box of records. All of them from England, many of them with alternate covers, labels, and tracks than the American releases. Very groovy. Thank you Maxine, wherever you are! My favourite T. Rex album would have to be whichever T. Rex album is on the turntable at at that time. Right now it's Ride A White swan.
It's a little hard to follow the mystical styling of tunes like Elemental Child, Salamanda Palaganda, Strange Orchestras, and Cat Black (The Wizards Hat) with anything but more T. Rex, so I took a sharp left turn down Dark Pop Lane and stayed in England with...
6. Paul McCartney- Red Rose Speedway (Side 2) A quick note about the album cover. I don't remember ever noticing that there is braille on the back. Or at least ever seeing the bumps and knowing what they were. Could this have been around the time he was hanging around with Stevie Wonder? Either way, it's a kind of interesting courtesy to say the least. On the music, I've always loved this record for it's dark atmosphere. It's a great one to listen to in the dark. Maybe that was the idea, and hence the braille? When the Night, and Medley: Hold Me Tight-Lazy Dynamite-Hands Of Love-Power Cut really move me. Oh Dammit, so do all the rest of the songs. (but mostly the Medley!) And speaking of Medleys...
7. Melody Makers featuring Ziggy Marley- Play The Game Right (Side 1, Side 2) Naah Leggo. The children in the ghetto want food to eat. The people on the streets want somewhere to sleep. Help them mr. bigman, mr. bigman. You can't blame the youth them. They are victims of poverty. But we got to dread. Hang on in there. We naah leggo, we can't leggo, we naah leggo.
Not one bad song on this 1984 release from David (Ziggy) Marley, the "then" young offspring of Bob Marley. How songs of social injustice and suffering can sound so happy and hopeful is beyond me but it's a pleasure to listen to and leaves you thinking everything's gonna be alright!
Other highlights including the title track are  Aiding and Abetting, Revelation, and Unuh Nuh Listen Yet,
If I listened to this album enough, I could probably write some happy songs about my back aches and over due bills.
My daddy been telling you about it, unuh no listen yet. Yesus Kristos been telling you about it, unuh no listen yet. Leggo mi hand and mek mi cross river jordon. Leggo, leggo mi hand and mek mi cross river jordon.

This wraps up my little platter party. I've had a blast. Thank you Cayo for listening, and thank YOU for reading. Now it's time for ME to get cooking. Today's menu started with a simple beef and tomato concoction that will turn into some kind of penne pasta style goulash, but where it ends...even I don't know yet.
I will be dancing out of this blog to the swinging sounds of a British released compilation album called Reggae Party (on MFP records) Music For Pleasure!
"When the pressure drops, whoah whoah..."

Return of the Blog

Friday September 10, 2010 8:32 A.M.
I love the mellow feeling of moments like these.
I had a good nights rest after a day full of housework, cooking, drinking, eating and watching TV.
(I watched the entire Season 9 of Smallville.)
No hangover, just mellow.
The cat is fed and the coffee is fresh.
The sky is overcast and the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.
Mellow. Calm.
If only I didn't have to work today.
I must try to reconstruct this feeling on my next day off.
This is also the first time I have sat down to write anything at the computer since I can't remember. I was hoping the words would just flow if I started typing.
I recently moved the computer to the table in the dining area of the kitchen. It had been in one of my extra rooms where it was set up like a nice little office that I never used. In the process I ended up with he spare stereo and turntable here as well.
I belong in the center of things so this feels right. Sitting at the half way point between the TV and the kitchen.
It seems to be working. I typed this.
Normally I would have just thought about typing something, went to the spare room to turn on the computer, and then lost momentum hanging out in the kitchen.
The hardest part is that, without internet, I can't post it to my blog immediately. I will have to put it on a flash drive and transport it to town and then post it only when I get time to do so while at work.
That will be fine with poetry and little stand alone stories, but seems less likely to happen with the "Dear Diary (and the rest of the world) this is what I'm thinking right now" entries.
We'll see. If you're reading this now, and knowing that I wrote it then...it is probably the same as me posting it then and you not reading it until now.
I guess the words flowed fine. The caffeine is kicking in and the sun is coming out.
I can start the day knowing I have already accomplished something.
Bye bye for now.

I Have A Plan

I never post because I never write because I have no internet at home and my computer is in an inconvenient location so I am going to rearrange my home and put the computer in the kitchen so I can still see the TV if/when I feel like typing while I'm cooking and maybe then I will resume my old plan of bringing my blogs from home to post from the internet at work (where I am at right now which is why I don't have time to punctuate and you are lucky I even was able to squeeze in the gnarly parentheses)
so, there!

Something To Look At While You're Here

This Isn't Here

One fine day while trying to access a defunct link on my Live Journal
I happened across a variety of amusing error messages.
This be them...

Page Not Found

Narrator: In A.D. 2006, Web was beginning.
Captain: What happen ?
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the journal.
Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main browser turn on.
Captain: It's you !!
CATS: How are you users !!
CATS: All your base are belong to Frank.
CATS: You are on the way to 404.
Captain: What you say !!
CATS: You have no chance to reach your page. Make your spelling correct.
CATS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

Page Not Found

This page is not here
like plum blossoms in the wind
existence is fake

Page Not Found

LiveJournal Admin: Sir! We have reports that someone is trying to access a page that doesn't exist!
LiveJournal Captain: Impossible! How can that be?
LiveJournal Admin: Sir, I don't know. Maybe they typed in the URL wrong or maybe we're suffering from a critical system failure.
LiveJournal Captain: Unacceptable! Redirect them to a 404 page and make it snappy!

Page Not Found

I'm sorry, you've reached a page that I cannot find. I'm really sorry about this. It's kind of embarassing. Here you are, the user, trying to get to a page on LiveJournal and I can't even serve it to you. What does that say about me? I'm just a webserver. My sole purpose in life is to serve you webpages and I can't even do that! I suck. Please don't be mad, I'll try harder. I promise! Who am I kidding? You're probably all like, "Man, LiveJournal's webserver sucks. It can't even get me where I want to go." I'm really sorry. Maybe it's my CPU...no that's ok...how bout my hard drives? Maybe. Where's my admin? I can't run self-diagnostics on myself. It's so boring in this datacenter. It's the same thing everyday. Oh man, I'm so lonely. I'm really sorry about rambling about myself, I'm selfish. I think I'm going to go cut my ethernet cables. I hope you get to the page you're looking for...goodbye cruel world!

-the webserver

The New Short Film That I'm In

Late Fee's

The Man Who Sold The World

Wow,15 years since Kurt Cobain left the Earth.
Also, 15 years since I arrived in Maine.
Time is a whore. Her trick is you and me.


Life in the Fast Lane

OK, I have a couple minutes before I have to open my store, so I suppose I can tell you a quick story...
While in my storage space this weekend I decided to load up a cool little cardboard box with some cassettes for listening to in my Bitchin Volvo.  It's and old car with an old sound system, so it demands old cassettes. That was all very well and good.
Today, for added nostalgia, I had to hit the brakes abruptly to avoid hitting a frost heave in the road too quickly, causing a cool little cardboard box full of old cassettes to scatter wildly onto the passenger side floor of my Bitchin Volvo.
Not to worry. The blanket of wadded up fast food trash broke the fall, but it did bring back memories.


Cold Feet, Warm Hearth

I must say that I am a bit perturbed right now. I just had one of my Birkenstock sandals blow out on me.

I was only stepping outside to clean the snow from around my hibachi so I could grill up a midnight snack when BAM!... The strap came unglued and left me standing in a snow drift in my underwear and one bare foot. How inconvenient can it get?

Oh well, it's not like they haven't had a good run. (No pun intended.) But I still remember buying them shortly after arriving in Key West, back in the winter of '91.

Is it worth the investment to try and get another 18 years out of a new set? I hate to be without a comfy slip on and slide sandal. These were so perfectly molded to my feet. (Was "molded" another pun?)

Oh bother.

What would Jesus do?



How is life in the country working out for me?
I'm glad you asked.
In stead of sitting around watching the history channel as I did in town, I now sit around watching DVDs of the history channel.
Most specifically, The Universe.
I love Outer Space and always have.
Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars, and a galaxy of other Outer Space related shows have always fascinated me.
Now I'm into the real thing.
The Universe.
Living in the sticks, as I do, the sky at night is huge and ominous.
Sure, it's just another fad that I am going through, but what's wrong with learning about the starry sky above?
I just ordered myself a pricey deep space telescope so I can see the planets and the nebula's and such with my own eyes.
I am very excited about all of this.
("Gee Mr. Wizard, I want to be an astronomer!")
The stars and constellations never change. Their locations in the sky move like clockwork. But, after 50 years on This Island Earth, it still looks like a random mess of dots in the sky.
I need to see these things close up with my own eye's to put everything into perspective. I want to know where I am relative to the universe. 
I need to see the rings and moons of Saturn, the volcanoes of Mars, the great Orion Nebula.
I also realize that it is unlikely that I will discover my own star, being a late comer to the star gazing community, so I have decided that if some mad scientist can announce that Pluto is no longer a planet, then why can't I announce that Sirius is now called Planet Dandy.
It's all relative, right?
Some people already think that my head is in the clouds, but I am above all that.
I am a Space Head.

Orion SpaceProbe 130ST EQ Telescope



It's a little cold today so I left my wool cap on my head as I went about my work day.
A guy came into my store and said he liked my hat, saying that it becomes me.
I thought, "Becomes me?"
What took me 50 years to do, this hat acomplished in one day?


The A List

A) Write something new and post it here.

New Digs

In brief, I have settled into the new house. It is very nice with lots of rooms for me and my stuff.
Cayo is quite happy as well. She gets to step outside much easilier than back at the apartment. She also has a basement and garage to explore. 
And,  I get to live as loud as I want with no neighbors to annoy.
The primary windows of the house are in the back, which is where the view of the groomed yard surrounded by forest is. (Such a welcome change from living 3 feet from a busy sidewalk.) We have already been visited by 25 turkeys at one time. There are birds outside the windows, squirrels in the attic, and I patiently await to see deer or moose in the yard as well.
I haven't noticed any withdrawal symptoms caused by the absence of internet or cable...
I am still wicked busy unpacking. There's always something I need and can't find.
It's all part of the moving experience. Unpacking has to be done carefully so everything finds the place it is meant to be.
(As I am posting this from work, I must be quick. )
So for now, Planet Dandy says Happy Holydaze to you all.
And to all a Good Fright!



I finally have a grip on my move and the wheels are turning.
The big truck is rented and the packing should be done today.
The move will happen Sunday.
Help has been recruited and all should go smoothly in one trip.
I'm happy with whatever decisions I made for myself last week in the fog of confusion. Having a cold with intermittent (cure induced) hangovers is not the time to make life changing decisions, but I did well for myself.
Just know that I am well, and that life is going to be all peachy for me and my cat when we get back to the hills.
I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your support!


Change Has Come

Another week gone by. Another day I can't wake up.
Change has come. Decisions have been made.
I've spent thousands in the last few days trying to better my life, all while in the fog of insomnia and cheap cough syrup.
It is my hope that when I finally wake up, this mess will over and I can get on with the good life.
In short, I'm moving to a big house out in the country.
This was not planned. It happened quite by accident, but as I implied, I am not necessarily fully aware of the myriad of spontaneous decisions I afforded myself this week.
Sacrifices will be made.
Cable T.V. and internet will be replaced with free time.
Time for reading, time for writing, and time for music.
In some funny way, I think I may be able get back to my old story style of blogging.
I will just have to write at home and somehow bring it to town to post it from work.
On assignment. Gonzo style!
Damn this internet. Such a distraction.
Can't live with it, probably can't live without it.
Fist assignment... Just try to live.


On My Face

OK, my friend Mark says that I don't post enough blogs any more.
Yeah he is right.
It is just all these phases I go through. This current phase has been the
It has been fulfilling my social needs and I am not often inspired as of late to write a complete story about something that happened to me one day when I can either put a picture on my
Mondo Dandy site, or just throw out a "what I am doing" comment on the Facebook.
I know this isn't as artistic as my clever twists on reality and may in fact be just plain lazy, but I get bored so easy and need to keep changing my attack style. Mark, you can't say that I don't put some creativity into the e-mail I send you every Sunday morning after your radio show.
(10-NOON every Sunday morning on WWCU FM 90.5 Streaming live on the internet via this Link!) Shameless Plug.
I guess maybe I just need a cattle prod from a friend to get my fingers out of my ass and on to this keyboard. (Even if it stinks just a bit.)
OK, that was my stinky blog for today. If you can't find me here as often as you like, you can always get on my


Cheap Thrills

I used Google image search to look for a particular picture of the Chicago band, New Duncan Imperials.
I was surprised, to say the least, that on page 3 of the results...there is a picture of me!
Wherever I go... there I am.


Let's Be Frank


Don't Vote


Separated At Birth?

I couldn't help but be distracted while watching the presidential election coverage by Andrea Mitchel.
At the time, she had two sets of eye brows drawn on, with heavy eye liner as well.
What really got me was that when she smiles, her mouth is actually wider than her eyes, almost reaching her ears.
This was the best picture I could find today, but if you're ever hanging around on MSNBC and are suddenly assaulted by this face, remember... "it's only a news woman!"


Nowhere To Run

A short film my friend Wes made.
I am one of the zombies.
Watch this. It's cool.



me: "I would like you to meet a very old friend of mine."
you: "How long have you known each other?"
me: "Oh, we just met, but he's very old."


too much to dream
too little sleep
unfinished thoughts
too hard to keep
chthonic nightmare
hell bound ride
running on empty
empty inside
all night ideas
dance on my brain
am i awake
or am i


Jimmy Rotten

My friend Wes came into my store today and told me he was browsing the ROTTEN COTTON web site (they sell crazy ass t-shirts) and he seen a picture of me in the customer photos (Rotten Minions) page.
This was news to me. I forgot that I ever sent them a pic. And now you can see it too.
Not for the faint of heart or easily offended!
See it HERE by clicking THIS and then clicking ROTTEN MINIONS in the menue on the left.
(I'm 4th from the top.)

...........................................WOW, I wonder if Rob Zombie has seen me yet?

Smells Like Children

There was something instantly invigorating about seeing the school bus scoop up the neighborhood children this morning. Finally, a return to some routine for the rest of this world around me. It's a little selfish but I still have to get up and go to work all summer. There is no break for me. I am happy to have the streets returned to the adults, if only for a few hours a day. While my routine changes very little and my days are still spent inside, I take a bit of comfort in knowing that the kids are back under the supervision of the school system and quite possibly not having any fun.


Ain't No Cure

Let's pretend I'm on vacation
from this virtual reality.
I could blame it on the summer
and that I have no energy.
(Or I could blame it on the simple fact,  I finally got a Wii)
It could be that I am lazy
(burnout happens to us all.)
So let this poem be notice,
I may be idle till this fall.

Obfuscations & Observations

While watching old horror films I noticed a few things.

When you and your "staff" get rounded up by the villagers, and publicly burned to death for your evil doings...don't worry about your castle. When your ancestors arrive in a hundred years to carry on your work, they will find all of your furniture and evil artifacts in place and neatly covered with sheets.

While navigating through dark dungeon corridors and secret passages with a candle, don't worry if it should go out. The fact that there is a shadow of you and the candle against the wall leads me to believe that there just may be a light source brighter than the candle you're holding.

If you ever open your door and the person standing there has burn scars on their face, don't assume it is an unfortunate mortal that survived a house fire. By all means, put your hands to your face and scream as loud as you can while slowly backing away. For, they must be a monster!

I will keep you posted if anything else rears it's ugly head. Until then, leave the light on! 


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